About Us

Welcome to By Sophia Fay! My name is Tina Lavery and I am a lover of creating and all things crafty. It's lovely to have you visit our store, we hope you love it as much as we do. I started my love for creating and making lovely things to brighten up peoples lives.  Life can be tough, especially since COVID, so if I can make somebody smile, that brightens up my day too.  

So I have two boys Connor and Ciaran, who keep my life very busy and a wonderful husband called Fran who is always supportive of what I do. We took over by Sophia Fay in April 24, and have now merged our other store - Frantina's to give you a range of gifts and toys to complement our bespoke handmade cards. 

We have created our own range of wonderful rag dolls and have a lovely boutique of clothes for all our dolls, as we all need to dress up and have fun don't we? 

Please contact me with your messages as I would love to hear from you, or DM me on Instagram or Facebook.

We hope your enjoy our store, thank you for your ongoing support.